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The Nike ZoomX Turbo 35, often referred to as the “Nike ZoomX Turbo 35” or simply “Turbo 35,” appears to be an upcoming model in the Nike ZoomX series. While detailed information about this specific model might not be fully available yet, we can anticipate it to carry forward the innovative features and design philosophies that define the ZoomX line.

Expected Features of the Nike ZoomX Turbo 35:

  1. ZoomX Foam:
    • High Energy Return: As with other ZoomX models, the Turbo 35 is likely to feature ZoomX foam, known for its exceptional responsiveness and energy return.
    • Lightweight Cushioning: ZoomX foam provides a lightweight yet plush cushioning experience, enhancing comfort without compromising performance.
  2. Performance-Driven Design:
    • Speed-Oriented: Given the “Turbo” designation, this shoe is likely designed with a focus on speed, making it ideal for fast training sessions and races.
    • Streamlined Aesthetics: The Turbo 35 is expected to have a sleek and aerodynamic design, reflecting its performance-oriented purpose.
  3. Innovative Upper Construction:
    • Breathability and Support: The upper materials are likely to offer a balance of breathability, flexibility, and support, ensuring a secure fit during high-speed runs.
    • Advanced Fit Technology: Nike’s Flyknit or a similar advanced fabric might be used to provide a snug and adaptive fit.
  4. Enhanced Stability:
    • Balanced Cushioning: The shoe will probably feature a well-balanced cushioning system to offer stability and reduce the risk of injury during intense running sessions.
    • Supportive Design Elements: Additional design elements might include a reinforced heel or midfoot to enhance overall stability.
  5. Versatile Usage:
    • Training and Racing: Like other Turbo models, the ZoomX Turbo 35 is expected to be versatile enough for both daily training and race day performance.
    • All-Round Performance: Suitable for various distances, from short sprints to longer runs, making it a versatile addition to any runner’s arsenal.

Anticipated Advantages:

  1. Speed and Efficiency:
    • Turbo for Speed: The Turbo branding usually indicates a focus on speed and efficiency, making this model an excellent choice for runners looking to improve their pace.
    • Effortless Transitions: The combination of lightweight construction and responsive cushioning will likely facilitate smooth and quick transitions.
  2. Comfort and Fit:
    • Comfort-First Approach: Expect the ZoomX Turbo 35 to prioritize comfort with its plush cushioning and supportive upper.
    • Adaptive Fit: The advanced materials used in the upper are likely to adapt to the foot’s shape, providing a customized fit for every runner.
  3. Style and Appeal:
    • Modern Design: The Turbo 35 is expected to sport a contemporary and stylish look, appealing to both performance and fashion-conscious runners.
    • Brand Reputation: As part of the Nike ZoomX line, it carries the prestige of Nike’s renowned performance footwear.


The Nike ZoomX Turbo 35 is poised to be a significant addition to the Nike ZoomX family, bringing together speed, comfort, and modern design. While we await more detailed specifications and reviews, it’s safe to assume that this shoe will cater to runners seeking a blend of performance and style.

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